The Marseille Lyceum (Djemaran) was founded in 1980. It began with four kindergarten students. With the addition of a classroom each year, by 1994 it became a secondary school in line with French lyceums and equivalent to their education standards.

Djemaran first started operating from inside the dull buildings of a former factory. The first decade was a hard one. Lack of funds and an increasing number of students put the directors and board of trustees in difficult situation. With time the number of students exceeded 250. New and temporary classrooms were constructed on the grounds of the factory to take allow for more students. Because of lack of space new, applications for admission were rejectedIt was under these circumstances that the board of trustees, together with the Central Committee of Hamazkayin made the bold decision to construct a new building for the school. The Central Committee lacked funds, especially because the construction of Melankton and Haik Arslanian Djemaran and the Norsigian Kindergarten had just been completed.

It is therefore thanks to the committed efforts of the board of trustees and friends of Hamazkayin that the municipality of Marseille bestowed to Hamazkayin a 7400 square meter parcel of land for 99 years, permitting the construction of a building with an area of 3300 square meter.

A Central Fundraising committee was formed. The fundraising was sponsored by the Holy Sees of the Catholicosates of Echmiadzin and the House of Cilicia. The Regional and the General Councils of Marseille made generous contributions to the construction expenses.

Currently all the students are housed in the new and modern building. Today the number of students of is 400.

Since its founding Hagop Balian, Seta Biberian, and Lousin Malikian have been the consecutive principals of Djemaran. Presently Seta Biberian is once again the principal.