Art. 1.1 – The association shall be named Armenian Cultural and Educational Society, shortly “Hamazkayin”.

Art. 1.2 – The name of Hamazkayin shall be translated into other languages according to local conditions and as approved by the Central Executive Board.

Art. 1.3 -The official logo of Hamazkayin is:


Art. 1.4 – Hamazkayin is a non-profit organization furthering educational and cultural goals of Armenians and is governed by democratic principles.


 Art. 2.1 – Hamazkayin believes in the importance of general and national cultural values and professes the ideal of Free, Independent and United Armenia, confident that only in own and sovereign motherland Armenian culture can achieve its full flourishing.

Art. 2.2 – The goal of Hamazkayin is to maintain, develop and spread Armenian culture with the mission to further the existence of Armenia and the entire Armenians.

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