hamo-ohanchanian Hamo Ohanjanian was born in Akhalkalak (Javakhk) in 1873. He received his education in Tbilisi, and then studied medicine in Switzerland and Moscow. Ohanjanian was a dedicated and genuine social and revolutionary activist with unimpeachable conduct. 

In 1912 he was exiled to Siberia and set free in 1915. During the years of Armenia’s First Republic he was appointed prime minister.

After Armenia became part of the Soviet Union, Ohanjanian moved to Iran and then to Cairo, where he lived until his death.

Aware of the threat hanging upon Armenians in the diaspora Ohanjanian, together with his friends and colleagues, dedicated himself to the task of safeguarding Armenians through the Armenian culture. He became a constant and devoted supporter of the Hamazkayin Cultural Association, of which he was a founding member and president for 18 years. While in Paris he established a chapter of Hamazkayin there. He also provided important input for the establishment of the Hamazkayin Armenian Lyceum (Djemaran) in Beirut in 1930.

Hamo Ohanjanian died life in 1947. Following his death the headquarters of Hamazkayin Central Committee moved to Beirut, under the presidency of Levon Shant.