kaspar-ipegianAfter completing his higher education, Kasbar Ipegian settled in Cairo, where he earned his living as a tradesman. One of the founders of Hamazkayin, Kasbar Ipegian was an absolute authority in the Armenian theater as a gifted actor, dramaturge, and director. For nearly three decades with great dedication he advocated the art of theater in the Armenian communities in Tbilisi, Constantinople, Tehran, Baghdad, and Egypt.

Although Kasbar Ipegian was a lawyer who graduated from Sorbonne, he never used his diploma. Life took him on a different path. Mastering various languages and literatures, he was an artist interested in theater and stage.

A year after Hamazkayin Djemaran was established in Beirut, he founded the new Armenian theater and directed “Oshin Bail” by Levon Shant.

He wrote the play “Ara and Shamiram.” For several years in a row, he issued the “Calendar-yearbook” of Hamazkayin.

As the chairman of the Beirut Committee of Hamazkayin, in 1941 he created the Hamazkayin Theater Association. The association’s first performance of was “Ingadz perti ishkhanouhin” (“Princess of the fallen fortress”) (1942), followed by “Bebeks” (“My baby”) in 1943 and assisted by Papken Papazian, in 1944 “Hin asdvadznere” (“Anciant gods”) by Levon Shant, in 1945 “Gaisre” (“The Caesar”) by Levon Shant, and so on.

Kasbar Ipegian died in 1952. In his memory, the Hamazkayin Theater Association renamed itself as Hamazkayin Kasbar Ipegian Theater Company and is named such until now.