The Regional Committee of Hamazkayin in Greece has the following chapters:

  1. Kevork Garvarents (Athens) established in May 1999. It has 100 members.
  2. Hovhannes Shiraz (Kokkinos) established in May 1999. It has 80 members.
  3. Ghazaros Sarian (Thessalonika) established in 1980. It has 100 members.
  4. Siamanto (Xanthi) established in January 2001. It has 50 members.
  5. Aram Khachadourian (Alexandropoulos) established in March 2001. It has 60 members.
  6. Barouir Sevag (Serres) established in February 2002. It has 75 members.

Hamazkayin has the following groups and committees in Greece:

The Hagop Papazian Choir has 26 members. Rouzanna Krikorian is the conductor.

The Meghri Children’s Choir has 25 members. Kohar Sbardalian is the conductor.

Nyree, Nanor, and Maralo dance ensembles (representing three different levels) have 90 members. Hovhannes Khachigian is the dance instructor.    

The theater troupe has 15 members.

The Regional Committee of Greece has around 465 members. Through its chapters, choirs, and dance ensembles, it presents around 155 members to the audience.