Since 1968, Hamazkayin chapters have been formed across the United States, with many in California’s various Armenian communities.

In 1980, the Hamazkayin Central Committee initiated a special convention, with the intention of creating a Regional Committee in the United States. The Los Angeles, Glendale, and San Fransisco chapters of Hamazkayin participated in that convention.

The members of the founding Regional Committee were Kourken Kassabian, Hagop Injejigian, Rita Vorperian, Garo Bedrossian, Bedros Alahaydoian, Roupina Pakradouni, Yetvart Mserlian, Nshan Hovsepian, Jirair Boyadjain, Marjolen Sassouni, and Varoujan Demirjian.

Until 1995, the Central Committee of the Western USA functioned with 10 chapters and three divisions. In 1995, the Hamazkayin chapter in Montebello, and in 2000, in Burbank ceased to function.

Currently the region has five chapters, a body representing three chapters, and four divisions.

The Hamazkayin chapters of Western USA are:

    1. “Hovhannes Shiraz” chapter in Los Angeles was founded in 1968. It has 20 members. Currently the chapter is disorganized.
    2. “Nigol Aghpalian” chapter in San Fransisco was founded in 1974. It has 40 members.

      The chapter has established “Nigol Aghpalian Theater Troupe,” which in 2001 became the Theater Division of the Regional Committee.

      The chapter also created the “Nigol Aghpalian” library, with 300 books in Armenian. It also has a bookstore-book distribution center, where books and CDs in Armenian, as well as Armenian souvenirs are sold.
      The chapter has its own radio hour, which is produced by Hamazkayin members.

    3. “Hovhannes Toumanian” chapter in Gelndale was founded in 1976. It has 40 members.
      Since 1999, the “Kousan” choir, conducted by Ara Manash, has moved from the Los Angeles chapter to Glendale. Currently it enjoys the support of Hamazkayin’s Glendale chapter. With its productive activities and numerous yearly concerts, the choir is held in high esteem for Hamazkayin.

      In the beginning of 2006, as a result of the disarray in the Glendale, Burbank, and La Cresenta chapters, the Regional Committee appointed a special administrative United Body for these three chapters.

    4. “Taniel Varoujan” chapter in Fresno was founded in 1981. It has 30 members.
    5. “Barouir Sevag” chapter in the San Gabriel Valley was founded in 1982. It has 60 members.

      The chapter oversees the “Nayiri” children’s and youth dance troupe, which is an active component of the chapter.

      “Abaka” is a youth association that functions in the region as another division of the chapter. Through it, young people express their talents in various cultural areas.

    6. “Shahan Shahnour” chapter in Pasadena was founded in 1985. It has 40 members. The chapter has a newly formed youth dance troupe.
    7. “Arshil Gorki” chapter in La Cresenta was founded in 1992. It has 20 members. Currently the chapter is part of the United Body of Glendale, Burbank, and La Cresenta.
    8. “Siamanto” chapter in Orange County was founded in 1993. It has 20 members. The chapter is host to “Yeraz” dance troupe.
    9. The Montebello chapter was founded in 1982 and ceased functioning in 1995.

The Burbank chapter was founded in 1992 and ceased functioning in 2000. It was reorganized in 2005. Currently the chapter is part of the United Body of Glendale, Burbank, and La Crecsenta. The United Body has 40 members.


The Western region of Hamazkayin has divisions of music, arts, modern, theater, Ani Dance Troupe, Armenian Traditions, and Armenian folk instruments. Currently four divisions — that of music, arts, Armenian Traditions, and Ani Dance Troupe — function under the support of Regional Committee.


Committee Center: ARF Central Committee center, second floor (Glendale, 104 N. Belmont #210)

Mail: Hamazkayin Regional P.O. Box 4732 Glendale, CA 91222.