The Hamazkayin Sweden Executive Board began operations in 2014 in Uppsala.
In 2015 it expanded operations to Södertälje and since 2019 it has also operated in Stockholm.
The main activities of Hamazkayin Sweden are related to dance. It has three dance ensembles.
The Adana Dance Ensemble was the first, founded in Uppsala. The second is the Alik Dance Ensemble in Södertälje. The third is the Zartonk Dance Ensemble in Stockholm.
At present, Alik and Zartonk are very active in Södertälje and Stockholm.
The largest dance ensemble, Alik, is active in Södertälje. In the same area, there are Armenian language classes for children, arranged by the Hamazkayin Executive Board.
One of the important programs of Hamazkayin Sweden is the annual dance performance. Hamazkayin Sweden cooperates with other organizations to present Armenian culture through dance.