The Regional Committee of Hamazkayin in Australia expends its cultural and educational activities through chapter committees and working groups.

One of the most important working groups is the board of trustees of Arshak and Sophie Golsten School of Hamazkayin. The board works enthusiastically care for the school’s prosperity and financial well-being.

Besides the board of trustees, the parent’s auxiliary and social committees also serve important functions. They generate sufficient income for the school. The major benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Arshak and Sophie Golsten, provide their committed assistance to the growth of the school dedicated in their name. With donations exceeding $2 million, they have greatly aided and continue to aid the progress of Armenian generations and the preservation of their Armenian identity. They are more than mere benefactors, having become the father and the mother of the school. On March 22, 2003, the national benefactor was honored with the medal of the Central Committee of Hamazkayin.

Kailar Mikayelian is the principal of Djemaran. 
Djemaran has a children’s choir named Nanor.

b) The book committee does not function with its past dynamism, because the number of those interested in library books has greatly decreased. The committee members register the books and maintain the library.

c) In December 2001, the Regional Committee granted the dance committee the authority to become a dance unit. The dance troupe’s performances have generated important enthusiasm in the community. Around 220 young and adult dancers have rallied around the dance troupe. As a result, it has  created an agreeable atmosphere filled with Armenian culture and spirit.

d) The Education Council has organized recitation and writing contests, as well as teacher’s conferences. The Council has visited Saturday Schools and assists them on an educational level. The Education Council has aided the schools.

The following chapters function besides the committees:
a) Sevan chapter has 40 members. The chapter has assumed the responsibility of Papazian Saturday School and its 50 students. The school functions under the immediate care of the chapter committee. Silva Goteyan is the principal. The chapter has published calendars for financial and promotional aims.

Sevan Chapter also has a dance troupe with 100 young and adult dancers.

b) Gomidas Chapter has 30 members. The chapter committee has collaborated with associate organizations and helps organize successful events and art performances in the community. The chapter continues to assist the Mesrob Mashdots Saturday School, which has 60 students. The committee closely follows the school’s activities, and tries to generate financial income for the school.

c) Shant Chapter has around 60 members.
The chapter’s Tarkmanchats Saturday School has 110 students. Vahram Jieaian is the principal. Several celebrations have been organized. The school has a yearbook.
Shant Chapter also operates its own theater troupe.

d) Nyree Chapter has 120 members. The chapter contributes to the functioning of Toumanian Armenian School, which has 110 students and operates under the directorship of Robert Krikorian. The school has organized several celebratory events. The school has an active Parents’ Auxiliary and a board of trustees.

Nyree Chapter also supports “Karoun” Monthly. The editorial staff operates under the leadership of the chapter. The publication’s circulation is 1,000 copies each month. 

Nyree Chapter also has a choir with 60 members.

The Regional Committee coordinates the activities of the chapter committees and the working groups, to unite them within the spheres of cultural and educational activities. The Regional Committee also closely follows the activities of one-day Armenian schools and so appreciates the work of the dedicated teachers.